Choose the right certificate - Basic vs Standard

The Growsafe Basic certificate is suitable for those using agrichemicals under supervision.  The Growsafe Standard certificate is for those with responsibility for managing or supervising spray operations or taking responsibility for a workplace.

If you hold a current Growsafe Introductory certificate, you can renew it at either a Basic or Standard level. (The Introductory certificate is no longer offered.)

Note: you will also need a certified handler certificate if you take responsibility for products with hazard classes 6.1A or 6.1B.  For agrichemical users, we recommend you complete the Growsafe Standard certificate before you go on to apply for certified handler.

Approved Handler certificates have been discontinued and cannot be renewed.  If your Approved Handler certificate is expiring and you do not hold a Growsafe certificate, you must attend a face-to-face course to complete the requirements for a Growsafe certificate.  (Growsafe certificate numbers start with the letter B (Basic), S (Standard) or I (Introductory).  Check now whether your certificate is Approved Handler or Growsafe.